Dating the Gospels

Much debate exists about when each gospel was written. The common view currently seems to be that Mark was written first on or around AD 70, followed by Matthew between AD 80 and AD 90, then Luke between AD 80 and AD 100, and finally John between AD 90 and AD 100. While I do not necessarily disagree with the order (although I’ve wrestled with it in the past), I am in 100% disagreement with such a late dating of all 4 gospels. In fact instead of dating the gospels starting with AD 70, I believe strong evidence exists to say that ALL 4 gospels were written before AD 70 or at least before the destruction of the temple in AD 70. While dating the gospels later than AD 70 is currently in the majority view, it has not always been that way. As a matter of fact for most of Christian history the line of thought has been for a pre-AD 70 authorship of all 4 gospels. I believe that this stance is the most plausible and is starting to make a comeback among Christian scholars. Going forward I intend on presenting evidence that I have garnered during my research on the topic in a series of posts detailing the evidence for each gospel being written before AD 70 and when I believe each document was written specifically. As I publish each part of the series I will update this post with the links to each part.

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