Hurricanes, Eclipses, End of the World and Luke 21:25-26

So I’ve been seeing a post ALL OVER social media the last couple of days in reference to the Eclipse (August 21st), Hurricane Harvey (August 25 & 26), and a connection to Luke 21:25-26. The post seems to have gone viral and people are connecting these signs and the words of Luke 21:25-26 to the end of the world. So I decided to make a little lunch time post to discuss this viral phenomenon.

What does the post say exactly?

A few variations are floating around but basically the eclipse occurred on August 21st, Hurricane Harvey hit on the 25th, and the resulting flooding started on the 26th. If you put all that together and google “21 25 26” you get a result of Luke 21:25-26.

What Does Luke 21:25-26 Say?

Luke 21:25-26 says

25 “And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and upon the earth distress of nations in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves, 26 men fainting with fear and with foreboding of what is coming on the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.

So basically this is a verse in reference to the coming of the Son of Man (Jesus) and the end of times. This post seems to attempt to tie the eclipse and Hurricane Harvey to this verse.

Is this a sign from God?

Eh, color me skeptical on this one. First, Bible chapter and verse numbers were not added until the 16th century, about 1500 years AFTER Lukes Gospel was written and secondly, they are fairly loosely used. Depending on the translation you are using you may actually end up having different chapter and verse numbers for a given selection from the Bible. On top of that over the entire existence of the Bible, there have been multiple methods of dividing chapter and verse used. So while Luke was certainly inspired in his writing he was not thinking that in the future his writing would be divided in some certain specific way and I am not convinced by any stretch the author of this chapter and verse system was under some kind of inspired influence when it was created. So while it certainly is POSSIBLE God could use these days as a correlation to a passage of the Bible to get a message across I’m taking it with a grain of salt that this is some kind of indication that the end of the world is imminent. In the grand scheme of things, the Hurricane and the eclipse affected a small portion of the world’s population. It seems to me if God was trying to deliver a message he would deliver it to the world and not a select few that they should get there act together before the end everyone else will just have to figure it out on their own.

So that’s my thoughts on the “21 25 26” phenomenon. Let me know what you think? Seems like everytime something big happens people find away to tie it to the end of the world. The Bible clearly states no man knows the time and we should be prepared regardless of when Jesus decides to return whether its close or far off in the future. So that’s what I am going with it.


2 thoughts on “Hurricanes, Eclipses, End of the World and Luke 21:25-26

  1. I wouldn’t discount it. What is more disconcerting to me, however, is that it sure feels as if we are living in the oft predicated times of the great apsotasty, the prophecy of the popes, the collapse of Christian society….there’s a lot not to like right now.


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